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The Komo Landing Page presents Komo, a visionary masterpiece crafted by an extraordinary developer. With an aim to captivate potential homebuyers and investors, the platform offers a captivating and immersive experience, showcasing Komo's unique architectural design and exceptional features.


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The Komo Landing Page is a captivating platform dedicated to presenting Komo, a visionary masterpiece from an extraordinary developer. Designed to captivate potential homebuyers and investors, the platform offers an immersive experience that showcases Komo's groundbreaking architectural design, luxurious amenities, and the extraordinary lifestyle it offers. Developed in collaboration with Side Studios, the platform effectively conveys Komo's unique selling points, elevating its appeal and attracting significant interest and inquiries from potential buyers and investors.

Project Overview

The Komo Landing Page showcases Komo, a visionary masterpiece crafted by an extraordinary developer. The platform aims to captivate potential homebuyers and investors by providing a captivating and immersive experience that highlights Komo's unique architectural design and exceptional features.

Project Duration

The development of the Komo Landing Page was executed over a period of 2 months, ensuring meticulous attention to design and functionality.

The Problem

Prior to the creation of the Komo Landing Page, the development faced challenges in effectively conveying its visionary concept to potential buyers and investors. Traditional marketing efforts lacked the ability to showcase Komo's architectural brilliance and the unparalleled living experience it offered.

The Goal

The goal of this case study is to present the comprehensive UX design process employed to create the Komo Landing Page. The platform aims to provide potential homebuyers and investors with an immersive experience that transports them into the visionary world of Komo and elevates their interest in the development.

Side Studios' Role

As the prominent development department within Webflow, Side Studios played a pivotal role in collaborating with the design team to bring the Komo Landing Page to life. Their expertise ensured the seamless integration of design elements and interactive features.

Side Studios' Responsibility

Side Studios' responsibilities encompassed implementing the technical aspects of the Komo Landing Page, optimizing performance, and ensuring compatibility across different devices and browsers. Their contribution resulted in a smooth and engaging user experience.

Understanding the User

User Research

Extensive user research was conducted to understand the preferences and expectations of potential homebuyers and investors. Surveys and interviews helped identify the key features and aspects that would resonate with the target audience.

User Summary

The research revealed that potential homebuyers and investors sought a platform that presented Komo as a visionary masterpiece. They desired an immersive experience that allowed them to explore the development's architectural brilliance, luxurious amenities, and the extraordinary lifestyle Komo offered.

Pain Point

The primary pain point faced by Komo was effectively communicating its visionary concept and the exceptional living experience it offered amidst a competitive real estate market.


Based on the user research, we created two personas:

  1. Homebuyer Henry - A discerning buyer seeking a visionary masterpiece that offers an unparalleled living experience with a blend of luxury and innovative design.
  2. Investor Isabella - An investor with an eye for unique and groundbreaking developments, interested in a visionary project that promises long-term value.

Problem Statements and User Journey Map

Problem Statements:

  1. Komo needs a captivating online platform to effectively showcase its visionary architectural design and exceptional living experience to potential homebuyers and investors.
  2. Users expect an immersive and informative experience that allows them to explore Komo's architectural brilliance, luxurious amenities, and the extraordinary lifestyle it offers.

User Journey Map:

  1. Homebuyer Henry visits the Komo Landing Page and is greeted with an elegant and visually captivating interface, offering an enticing overview of Komo's visionary concept and luxurious amenities.
  2. Investor Isabella explores the interactive features, learns about Komo's innovative design, and is impressed by the extraordinary lifestyle the development promises.

UX Structure

The UX structure was thoughtfully designed to provide a seamless and captivating user experience. Key elements included:

  1. A visually striking homepage with clear calls-to-action to explore Komo's unique selling points.
  2. Interactive features that showcase Komo's visionary architectural design and luxurious amenities.
  3. A dedicated section highlighting the extraordinary lifestyle offered by Komo.

The Impact and Learnings

The launch of the Komo Landing Page had a profound impact on the development's marketing efforts. Potential homebuyers and investors praised the engaging platform, which effectively communicated Komo's visionary concept and exceptional features. The Komo project garnered significant interest and inquiries, establishing its position as a visionary masterpiece in the real estate market.

Throughout this project, we learned the importance of understanding the target audience's aspirations and values, as well as the value of a collaborative approach between design and development teams in creating an exceptional user experience.

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