The objective of the project was to develop a modern website for property management called SoulHomes. The site's main focus was to use technology to simplify property management and provide a superior user experience. It needed to have an attractive design, be easy to navigate, load quickly, rank well in search engines, and work flawlessly on all devices.


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The project's primary objective was to create a cutting-edge, technology-based website that streamlines the property management process and delivers a top-notch user experience. The site needed to be visually appealing, easy to navigate, optimized for speed and search engine rankings, and fully functional across various devices.


SoulHomes is a property management company based in Vancouver, Canada, dedicated to providing efficient and seamless services to its clients. The company's vision was to develop a technology-driven, clean, smooth, and user-friendly website optimized for quick loading and high search engine rankings. As a leading project management expert, we were tasked with overseeing the development, design, and marketing aspects of the project, coordinating the efforts of different departments to create a successful website.

Project Management Approach:

Our approach to managing the project involved clearly defining roles and responsibilities for different departments and ensuring efficient communication and collaboration between them. We divided the project into three main phases: Development, Design, and Marketing.

A. Development Phase:

The Development department was responsible for creating a solid website infrastructure that could support the desired features and functionalities. Key responsibilities included:

Selecting appropriate technologies and frameworks for website development

Developing a responsive, mobile-friendly website that works seamlessly across devices

Integrating third-party tools and APIs for enhanced functionality

Ensuring website security, data protection, and GDPR compliance

Implementing server-side optimizations for faster loading times

Collaborating with the Design department to ensure seamless integration of design elements

B. Design Phase:

The Design department focused on creating an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use interface, in line with SoulHomes' brand identity. Their responsibilities included:

Conducting user research to understand the target audience's needs and preferences

Creating wireframes and mockups to visualize the website layout and user flow

Developing a clean, modern, and visually appealing website design

Ensuring a smooth and intuitive navigation structure

Collaborating with the Development department to implement the design elements effectively

Ensuring website accessibility and compliance with WCAG standards

C. Marketing Phase:

The Marketing department was responsible for driving traffic to the website and ensuring high search engine rankings. Key responsibilities included:

Conducting keyword research and identifying target keywords for SEO

Developing and implementing an SEO strategy, including on-page optimization, meta tags, and content optimization

Creating high-quality, engaging, and keyword-rich content for the website

Implementing a robust link-building strategy to improve search engine rankings

Collaborating with the Development and Design departments to ensure SEO best practices are followed throughout the website

Monitoring website performance and user engagement metrics, making adjustments as needed

Project Outcomes:

The collaboration between departments and efficient project management led to the successful launch of the SoulHomes website. The site has met and exceeded its objectives, providing an exceptional user experience, quick loading times, and high search engine rankings. The project has further solidified SoulHomes' position as a leading property management company in Vancouver and has resulted in increased traffic, client inquiries, and overall business growth.


The SoulHomes website project is an excellent example of how Side Studios' expert full house digital marketing approach and clear communication between departments can lead to outstanding results. By dividing the project into development, design, and marketing phases, Side Studios was able to manage the project efficiently and ensure that all objectives were met. The final product showcases the power of a technology-based approach to property management and has positioned SoulHomes as a leader in the industry.

Project Link: SoulHomes

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