Shine Jewellery

We helped Shine Jewellery create a strong online presence with a stunning and user-friendly online store and comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Shine Jewellery

What we did

Branding and website development
Digital marketing strategy development
Social media marketing
Content marketing
Search engine marketing (SEM)
Email marketing


Our project was to help Shine Jewellery, a custom jewellery store based in Vancouver, create a strong online presence by developing a stunning and user-friendly online store and implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. We partnered with Side Studios, a digital marketing agency, to divide the project into different departments, including development, design, and marketing, to achieve our goals.


Shine Jewellery, a custom jewellery store based in Vancouver, wanted to create a strong online presence to showcase their unique, handcrafted pieces. Their objective was to enhance brand awareness, create a stunning and user-friendly online store, and drive quality traffic to their website. To achieve these goals, Shine Jewellery partnered with Side Studios, a top-notch digital marketing agency with expertise in branding, website development, and online marketing.

The Project:

Side Studios understood the importance of creating a strong brand identity and a captivating online store to boost brand awareness for Shine Jewellery. The project was strategically divided among the different departments at Side Studios, each responsible for a specific aspect of the project.

Development Department:

The development team at Side Studios focused on creating a technology-driven, clean, and smooth website that would optimize the user experience. They used a combination of the latest web development technologies to create an efficient, fast-loading, and responsive website. They also ensured that the website was search engine optimized (SEO) to drive organic traffic and boost the visibility of Shine Jewellery.

Design Department:

The design team at Side Studios was tasked with creating a stunning and visually appealing website that reflected the uniqueness of Shine Jewellery's products. They used a combination of cool and modern designs, high-quality images, and well-organized content to create a visually engaging online store. The design team made sure that the website was easy to navigate and that the user experience was seamless across all devices.

Marketing Department:

The marketing team at Side Studios developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for Shine Jewellery to raise brand awareness and drive quality traffic to their online store. The marketing strategy included:

Social Media Marketing:

The team leveraged popular social media platforms to showcase Shine Jewellery's custom creations, share engaging content, and interact with customers.

Content Marketing:

The team created and shared high-quality, informative, and engaging content to attract potential customers and establish Shine Jewellery as a thought leader in the industry.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

The team ran targeted ad campaigns to increase the visibility of Shine Jewellery on search engines and drive traffic to their website.

Email Marketing:

The team developed an email marketing strategy to keep customers informed about the latest offers, promotions, and news from Shine Jewellery.


By partnering with Side Studios, Shine Jewellery experienced remarkable results. The new online store, with its stunning design and seamless user experience, attracted a significant increase in website traffic. The digital marketing strategies implemented by Side Studios helped improve brand awareness and drive high-quality traffic to the website, resulting in increased sales and customer engagement.


Side Studios' collaborative approach and expertise in branding, website development, and digital marketing helped Shine Jewellery achieve their goal of creating a strong online presence and boosting brand awareness. With their stunning online store and well-executed marketing strategies, Shine Jewellery has become a leading custom jewellery store in Vancouver.

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